Review: Taurus PT709 Slim

The 709 Slim is the most compact Taurus 9mm to date, and is a very handy size for a concealed carry pistol. The closest thing on the market to the size of the 709 is the Kel-Tec PF9. Both are very slim, compact pistols. The Taurus is a little beefier, weighing in at about four ounces more, and is just slightly thicker, but the extra heft attenuates a bit more recoil, and should prove to help with long term durability as well. The grip of the 709 is well-textured for a positive hold, and shaped for a comfortable feel. It has the low-profile magazine release. It is large enough for a quick reload, but is not so elevated above the surface of the frame that it might be unintentionally activated, dropping the magazine from the grip. The magazine release is within easy reach of a right-handed shooter’s thumb or a lefty’s trigger finger. The slide locks open on an empty magazine, and the slide release is on the left side in the usual location. Speaking of magazines, they are made of steel, and hold seven rounds each, for a loaded capacity of eight. Dis-assembly is easy by pushing down on the two opposing latches on the frame, after pulling back slightly on the slide, pull the trigger and allow the slide to move forward under spring pressure.

The Taurus 709 Slim functioned perfectly right out of the box. No failures of any kind were experienced. The pistol fed, fired, and ejected everything offered it, flawlessly. The little gun handles recoil much better than anticipated, considering its light weight. It was easy to control.  The pistol is very comfortable to hold, and easy to fire quickly on target. Accuracy was terrible any further than 7 yards. The factory sites fire extremely low after 5-7 yards and you cannot adjust the sites enough to compensate.

I thought perhaps it was my gun that was flawed on the sites but my son purchased the same model and his too experienced the same issues.

This is a great handgun for the 5-7 yard range so theoretically it will do fine for concealed carry.  If you want additional protection I would seriously consider a different gun like the Glock 26 or Glock Nano.  Hopefully I can review those soon!


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